The podcast that helps you have the strongest marriage possible after adding kids to the mix.

I created the Married After Kids podcast because I know all too well the systemic stress that children can put on a marriage. Having a healthy marriage is THE most important factor to happiness, and yet 90% of parents report a signifcant decline in satisfaction in their marriage. This podcast seeks to change that statistic so you are truly happy in your marriage.

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How to Be a Strong Parenting Team

Managing it all is so much easier when you know you are doing it as part of a team. That you have someone cheering you on and appreciating all your efforts and stepping in to help in the ways they know serve you best. Let’s bring this into your marriage.

How To Connect Even With Limited Time/Energy

Feeling good in your marriage makes everything else in life, including parenting, so much easier, but my guess is you have less time to connect than ever before and many of the ways you connected before kids are no longer available. I’ll help you find ways around this.

There are so many stressors put on your marriage after having kids, including increased mental load, less opportunities to connect, changing needs, more to disagree about and on and on. In the podcast, I talk about HOW to deal with these in a way that strengthens your marriage, puts you on the same page, and helps you to feel loved, appreciated, and valued.

How To Have a Healthy Marriage After Kids

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Why the Love Languages Might Not Be Working For You

The Number One Thing That Makes You Happy in Life

The Antidote to Divorce

Being Married After Kids


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"Dr. Cavanagh has created the space you didn't know you needed. A place where you work on your marriage BEFORE the crisis happens. A place where spouses and sweethearts can commiserate the common challenges of being parents. She and her guests are insightful and freely share a bounty of helpful insight. I love this podcast!."

Five Stars:

- Married After Kids Listener

"You are so wonderful! I have been listening for a while because my spouse and I were struggling. This is a resource that has been a true blessing in my life! The episodes are so helpful for my thought patterns, especially when I worry or go to not so helpful places. I've been immediately turning on your podcast and it's helped me immensely."

Five Stars:

- Married After Kids Listener

"I listen daily when I go for walks. I have loved every episode. People who see me probably think I'm crazy because I am agree with you, laugh with you and at times have cried with you. Thank you for sharing your experience and wise words." 

Five Stars:


I post new episodes every Monday. You'll get my top tips from being a psychologist and marriage coach for the past 16 years working with hundreds of couples. I’ll also bring on experts from time to time who can offer different perspectives and increase your knowledge base. I discuss all sorts of topics and no topic is off limits.

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