Married to Military was my first baby and something I am still incredibly passionate about. While expanding into marriage after kids, supporting military spouses will always be a strong value that I hold and something I will always continue to do.

Here you will find some of my favorite resources for military spouses who want support to have the strongest marriage possible despite the challenges of military life.

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1:1 Marriage Support

If you want more support, I highly recommend you getting on one of my free calls here and we can talk about how we can intervene to get you the marriage you want.

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In The Trenches:
Mastering Deployment for a Stronger Marriage

This is THE deployment resource for you and your marriage.

This self-paced course shines a light on all the toughest parts of deployment that no one typically talks about out loud and helps teach you to manage them in a way that feels good to you and grows your marriage in the process…because when you and your spouse are on the same page and your foundation is strong…the deployment is much easier.


Got a deployment on the horizon?
Fear, not I have just the thing!
This ebook provides tips and actionable steps to help you prepare you and your marriage for a successful deployment.

Deployment Survival Guide


"I found you at our marriage’s lowest point. I truly did not think we could survive it at all. We are stronger than we have ever been and I never knew we could have this much fun together after going through something so dark. Thank you."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Lindsay for all she’s done for me. I am now doing well. We are happy and I’m managing healthy boundaries. It’s been really good lately."

"After a few failed attempts at marriage counseling and “just get over it”, I found Lindsay. She offered a refreshing (and sometimes challenging perspective) into a world she could absolutely relate to. She understood and met me where I was without judgment! Lindsay led me down a path of self-worth, a loving relationship, and pride in my family. I’m so grateful for her."

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Three Ways to Connect More with Your Spouse After Kids (That Takes 5 Minutes or Less) 
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