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Hi, I’m Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh.

Marriage Expert.
Coach. PhD Psychologist.

I get quick, lasting results for parents who want a rock solid marriage and a satisfying life of meaning and joy. You don’t have to wait until the kids are out of the house to enjoy the best years of your marriage. They can start now.

Being a parent requires a strong marriage.

People don’t come to me to air their dirty laundry; they come because they’re strong, resourceful and determined to have a thriving marriage despite the challenges that children create in a marriage.

I know how to create lasting partnerships that survive it all.

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You know how to make things work. Nobody can deny your strength and capacity.

You stay up with a sick kid and readjust your entire schedule when they need you. You sacrifice so much of yourself for your kids. You can deal even when your most carefully laid plans get changed and changed again!

You’re tough and you know how to keep moving. You’ll do whatever it takes to care for your kids and support your partner.

It’s YOUR TURN to be supported.

I see you default parent…
You’re managing everything.

A podcast dedicated to strengthening the marriages of parents after having kids. It discusses all the ways children can challenge a marriage, while offering simple, effective ways to strengthen your relationship and have more fun (which makes parenting MUCH easier).  This podcast will completely transform how you look at marriage and give you the tools to have the marriage you want and need.


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Married After Kids

Feel More Connected to Your Spouse NOW!

If there is one thing I know about being a parent, it is that you need all the support you can get while you are maintaining that heavy load. This guide helps you to connect more with your spouse in simple ways that take less than 5 minutes so you can feel supported and loved in your marriage.

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