Here are the most common questions I get asked about marriage coaching

Marriage coaching is a way to get support and mentorship for how to improve your marriage from someone who has been extensively trained with significant experience for how to improve marriages after kids.

It can help you feel more loved and supported, communicate better, fight less, and feel appreciated and part of a strong team with your spouse.

What is marriage coaching?

How is coaching different from therapy?

They are actually quite complimentary and even have some overlap. As a psychologist, I have deep respect for traditional therapy. Therapy can be slow, long-term work. It typically is focused on untangling the past, whereas coaching happens in the now. Coaching gives you the tools and support to create the marriage you want, fast.

Therapy focuses on diagnosis. Coaching focuses on supporting you to get the marriage you want by navigating around the barriers and system stress in front of you that is preventing you from having what you want.

I’ve found that I can get better results for my clients working as a coach. I can go outside the traditional office and work around many of the barriers that get in the way of engaging in traditional therapy, such as finding the time and energy to make it to the appointments, getting your spouse on board, and finding a therapist you trust and get along with. Coaching allows for more flexibility, which allows us to get to the heart of your relationship quickly, so we can shift the whole dynamic.

What happens on the free call? 

The free call is a great opportunity for me to hear about your specific needs and frustrations in your marriage and help you identify ways to intervene so you can get what you want from your spouse.

It can be a space where you feel seen and heard for the first time in a while. The topics of the call are often client led based on what is feeling most salient at the moment.

My job as a coach is to listen and provide research-backed techniques to get what you want, while making you feel super seen and supported.

You should leave the call with clarity and next steps for what you can do in your marriage to make the changes you want.

What does getting marriage support look like (time requirements, etc.)?

My primary package uses Voxer, which is an app on your phone. You have unlimited access to me via voice or text messages. Based on the goals we establish in the initial intervention call, we will talk back and forth as often as you desire.

You can leave messages whenever you want/need, in the time you have available. I hear from many of my clients every day and many of my clients a few days a week. You get to figure out what feels best for you and make it work.

I respond back within 24 hours.

It means that while you are working on your goals, we can troubleshoot challenges that come up, such as a conversation that doesn’t go well, getting around a defensive response, changing the tactic when it isn’t working.

We can make changes immediately instead of waiting for the next appointment. This is what brings about the change you want to see.

Here is what one of my clients said about using Voxer:
“I have to just say that I love this method of just randomly sending you voice messages because I find that I do it while I’m in the car because it is the only time that I have my hands and am not under attack by small children. It’s so helpful because I don’t know when I would have the time to consistently go sit in someone’s office for one hour and get the same level of care. I so appreciate this method.”

How is coaching different from talking to a friend? 

Is what I share with you confidential?

How much does 1:1 marriage coaching cost? 

I really want to work with you but I’m not sure I can afford to. What options do I have? 

I’m nervous about talking to my spouse about marriage coaching because they have been unsupported in the past. Any tips or advice for having this conversation?

What if the coaching doesn’t work for me? 

When is the best time to get marriage support? 

What’s the cancellation policy? 

Do you take insurance?

Why did you become a marriage coach? 

Do we have to have kids? 

I’m ready to get support for my marriage! How do I pay you? 

What if I have additional questions?

Many of my clients are surprised to find how helpful it is to talk to someone who is completely removed from their social circle and actually knows how to bring about change in your marriage.

As a coach, I can provide an unbiased opinion so you don’t have to worry about what you say and how it will impact how you or your spouse is viewed. I also can listen, but I can give you research-supported techniques to bring about change.

You also never have to worry about being a burden or putting pressure on your friends and family (not that you ever would be a burden), but so often I find that we don’t share things because we don’t want to burden our friends or add more to their plate.

Confidentiality is one of my strongest values. I want you to feel completely comfortable and safe to share whatever you need to in order to get the results you want in your marriage.

I will never share any identifying information about you without your prior consent. I will do everything in my power to maintain your privacy and confidentiality both during and after our time together.

It is important for me to note that legally, our relationship as a coach-client is not considered a legally confidential one, but it is something that is so important to me and I will treat it as if it is.

The investment for 1:1 marriage coaching is currently three monthly payments of $599 for three months of unlimited Voxer support.

The investment for an additional call with Voxer support is $200 per call.

If you’re feeling a strong desire to strengthen and change your marriage, but money is keeping you from signing up, I would love for you to ask yourself or journal about this: What am I worried will happen if I spend this money to get support?”

Sometimes money really is a problem and you just can’t make it work. But more often than not, “I can’t afford it” is the thing we say when all the other fears around deservingness and enoughness start to come up.

Things like “Am I really allowed to spend money on myself when I should be spending it on the kids/family?” “Shouldn’t I be able to just handle this on my own?”

If that’s actually what is coming up for you, here’s what I can tell you after working with hundreds of clients about how to strengthen their marriages -

You’re never going to regret investing in support. Even if you ultimately decide this isn’t the marriage for you, you’re not going to think, “Man, I really wish I had saved this money.” In fact, most of my clients will tell you they wish they’d gotten support sooner and it was ultimately THE THING that helped them to feel what they wanted, whether their marriage continued or not.

So if deep down you know you want/need support for your marriage, here’s your permission to spend money on the only sure thing in this process (you!).

What I have found is that getting support for your marriage is not something we are encouraged to do. As a result, it isn’t unlikely that your spouse may not feel that it is something that will be helpful. This work can be scary and confronting and it takes a lot of courage to be ready. So often I find that clients will feel frustrated and annoyed that their spouse doesn’t want to be involved initially, but I find that I tend to expect this knowing that it likely comes from a place of fear or not knowing the true value from this kind of support.

Going into these conversations to learn why they don’t want to be involved in the process (without trying to convince them otherwise) is incredibly important. This is likely part of why you aren’t seeing the changes you want to see in your marriage as well so this conversation can be so illuminating. Really asking the question, “What fears do you have about getting support for our marriage? What gets in the way of you wanting to take that step?” These are VERY helpful answers that can help inform you what they need from you.

This is also why I perfected the system to bring change in your marriage by working only with you. You don’t need to wait for your spouse to be on board to get the changes you want to see in your marriage.

The last thing I’ll say, which I’ve seen time and again with my clients, is that by getting marriage support outside of your relationship, it actually takes some of the pressure off your relationship, which gives you and your spouse a better chance of actually making changes. You’ll both benefit from support (even if you are the only one doing the “work”).

If you want a more personalized support around having this conversation with your spouse, schedule a free call and let’s chat. I’m happy to support you through this and share a resource I created specifically for spouses to help them better understand the benefits of coaching support.

While I can’t guarantee specific results with any program, what I can tell you from my own personal experience and from working with hundreds of marriages, is that anytime you go into something with an open mind and a willingness to see things differently, it’s almost impossible not to get something out of it and see positive results.

It all starts with choosing to trust yourself and knowing that you will make the best of it, which only helps you and your marriage. This is why my clients have so much success with getting what they want from their marriage. They are ready for change and willing to do the work to get there. This means showing up on Voxer, being honest about what is going on, reaching out when they’re struggling, and doing their homework assignments.

This is also why I’m so confident in the transformation that is available to you and the positive impact that this kind of support can have on your marriage and your life. I KNOW that when you show up with an open mind and are willing to do the work, the possibilities are endless. I love watching that magic happen.

So often I’ll have clients tell me that “we aren’t bad enough to get support yet.” The research shows that the average time a couple recognizes they need marriage support to actually getting that support is SIX YEARS!

That’s an average of six years of being stuck and frustrated and unhappy. Things can get worse and it is always harder to bring fast change when you are so far down the track (not impossible, but harder).

Personally, I think the best time to get marriage support is NOW. You can always find some way to improve your marriage. However, I know it can be an investment and you want to be smart, so I will also say that the best time to get support for your marriage is when you feel like you have hit some sort of wall and nothing seems to change. This is a great time to bring in someone who can get you unstuck and back to feeling good.

You are free to cancel the contract at any time with no penalties. You would just pay through the month you are on. There would be no refund for that month of support.

I’m also always happy to discuss different options to make it feel more supportive for you and make any necessary changes to make it work.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you and what feels best.

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance. Insurance can be so limited in so many different ways and I find I can get the best and fastest results without participating in that system.

I do offer payment plans to help make the cost of working together more manageable, but I also know that sometimes it’s just not feasible, in which case I would encourage you to keep an eye out for other programs and opportunities to work together. Trust that the right thing will come to you at the right time.

I have been a psychologist for 16 years and I found that the thing that was the biggest predictor of how happy someone was always led back to their marriage. This has only been confirmed with decades worth of research. Despite the importance of a strong marriage, I find that no one is really talking about it. Even moreso, knowing is teaching you how to do it.

I know how challenging it can be to have a healthy marriage after having kids. I know the strain the systemic stress of parenting places on your marriage. I want you to be happy and I want to help you get there. I know having a strong marriage is the best way to get you there.

I am 100% confident that I can improve any marriage, whether you have kids or not. However, having children adds significant system stress that leads to additional unique challenges to a marriage.I want to make sure this population is aware of these challenges and knows that they have a place to go to get the support they need.

That said, if you don’t have kids and feel that I would be a good fit for you, I would be happy to discuss options on one of my free calls.

Yay! I’m so excited to do this amazing work with you to strengthen your marriage. If we have already chatted about which option is best for you, you can send me an email at and I’ll send you a link with your client agreement and invoice to make your first payment and secure your spot.

I cannot wait to do this with you!

There are no bad questions. Feel free to send any additional questions you have to my email at or schedule a free call.

I cannot wait to do this with you!

"I found you at our marriage’s lowest point. I truly did not think we could survive it at all. We are stronger than we have ever been and I never knew we could have this much fun together after going through something so dark. Thank you."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Lindsay for all she’s done for me. I am now doing well. We are happy and I’m managing healthy boundaries. It’s been really good lately."

"After a few failed attempts at marriage counseling and “just get over it”, I found Lindsay. She offered a refreshing (and sometimes challenging perspective) into a world she could absolutely relate to. She understood and met me where I was without judgment! Lindsay led me down a path of self-worth, a loving relationship, and pride in my family. I’m so grateful for her."

Here’s what past clients have said about working together

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